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A night at Boobie on The Trap Cabernet

My best friend and I decided to take a trip for a weekend to get away from the daily hussle and bustle of the city. We were tired of everything and everyone at that point. We decided on Miami (per usual) because we mutually love that city and always have a good time.

Of course Friday night we land and head straight to the scene because why the fuck not. When Miami is lit, IT’S LIT. When it’s baller season, the ballers are gonna ball. So tie your sneakers or grab your cleats because it’s game time.

We headed out to Mr Jones where we met our friend who has all the connects. She greeted us with a “yasss my bitches back in town” so I knew based off the Tequila breath that it was about to be a good night.

We went in and got escorted to the table where all the girls looked the fuck good and the men like daddies and not the father kind. We were introduced to the main guys who asked what we wanted to drink. At that point I knew I couldn’t say Hennessy because I’d look like a hood bitch so we agreed on champagne. A few moments later a waitress comes and hands us both two personal bottles of Moet Rose.

We flirted, danced and drank but when it got closer to the club closing they stated they were headed to the studio. Now neither myself nor my best friend were ready to end the night (it was our first night) so we exchanged numbers with the guys and got invited to a yacht party the next day.

Once the dudes left Miss Connect who’s also a stripper wanted to go to B.O.T.T (Boobie on The Trap) for the after party. Now this strip club is very hit or miss with the dudes but the strippers are always a good time so we decided to go. 15mins in we noticed that it was gonna be a dead night so we decided to head out.

On the way out two dudes came to ask why we were leaving. As I analyzed these dudes judging them from head to feet I noticed that they were both corny. Once they offered to go exchange money for us my best friend and I looked at each each other like “cool”. The dudes exchanged about $1,000 each and split between all of us. We were handed $500 each to “throw at the strippers”, my best friend and I weren’t too pleased (yeah I know ungrateful but whatever) so they went and exchanged another $1,000 just for us. Now we had $1,000 each ($500 the first time and another $500 the second).

Now keep in mind that these dudes were corny, annoying and dressed like Malibu’s Most Wanted. They also would not shut the fuck up the whole time we stood there waiting. So once we got the money we told them we had to go to the bathroom and we left to get ready for the yacht the next morning!

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Taking notes 🤓😂


Feb 11, 2022

Yooo I know them dudes were sick 😂

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