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Best Lingerie for Different Body Types

Valentine's Day is around the corner and whether you have a date or not, its time to get your sexy on! Here are a few tips to finding the best lingerie for different body types. Lingerie is fun way to express yourself, even if you're the only one who's seeing it. While everyone is different, shopping for lingerie by body type makes it easier to find styles you love. Lingerie should not only be sexy but practical as well. Let's get you in the mood....


If your shoulders and hips are fairly equal and you have a defined waist (I'm jealous), you're more than likely an hourglass. The options for you are literally select all that apply. To improve your look, go for lingerie that keeps your curves proportioned and have fun with it.


If you're curvalicious with a less defined waist, you're likely an oval shape. Look for lingerie that elongates body. For my "tig ol bitties" women, plunge bras are perfect. They give you coverage while enhancing your cleavage. The deep V helps balance your frame. Match it with a pair of high-waisted briefs.


If your shoulder, chest, waist, and hip measurements are more or less balanced, creating a straighter build, you're likely to have a rectangle shape. Fake it till you make! Look for lingerie that gives the illusion of curves. My favorite is a corset lingerie. It helps cinch the waist in and lifts the girls enhancing the cleavage.


If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you're likely a triangle shape. Look for lingerie that draws the eye up. Pick a bra that's padded and fun in design. Balconette bras are perfect, making your tatas irresistible. Keep it plain and simple with your panties like a darker color low-rise briefs or boy shorts.

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have an inverted triangle shape. Look for lingerie that draws the eyes down. Look for teddies and bodysuits that has a deep V bringing the focus away from your shoulders. A little lace trim adds volume to your hips and if your'e feeling extra daring go crotchless. Your lover will thank me.


If you're carrying a human inside your belly, you're likely a pregnant shaped woman. Sorry I couldn't help myself. But seriously, my pregnant mommas deserve to look and feel sexy. I know comfort is more important so look for baby doll lingerie to give your belly room to breathe. And if you want to remind your partner how you got knocked up in the first place, go for the cut out tops.

Regardless, of your body type just know you're beautiful and you're a badass! Period pooh!!!!!! I guarantee whatever lingerie you put on, your confidence is what's gonna make or break you. So wear that motha fucker proudly. And if you're like me, chances are the lingerie you're into are like this....

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