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Fashionnova Got Me F’d Up

Time and time again, fashionnova has disappointed me. And like any toxic relationship, I went back. But this is it! This was the final straw. I’ve accepted their see-through tops, poorly sewn satin dresses, toddler sized lingerie but used stained clothes… really? You cheap fucks. Then, trying to get through to customer service is like trying to find a four leaf clover.

Of course, I “partly” blame myself. One of my many #dumbhabits.. I actually stopped shopping with them for a couple years because they were increasing their prices but the quality remained shit. To put it nicely, I’m a “frugal” person and FN swept me in with their BOGO free dresses/jumpsuit sale. You know summer is around the corner and the streets are calling!! Not for me but they calling my friends and I’m just coming for the ride.

I bought 6 items and out of those 6, two were see-through, one was too short, one was sewn awkwardly, and what did it for me was a white dress STAINED. I’ve officially blocked those mother f@&$*#, c@&$, a%+ wipes, cheaper than SHEIN, knockoff, b&$*), long titty, no nipple having a&@ brand.

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