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I just watched Euphoria because of course I can’t watch it on time like a normal person and I’m forced to stay off social media in fear of spoilers. Fuck the whole episode. Not really, I thought it was excellent ending Rue finally got her shit together but whyyyyyyyyy did they have to kill Ash!!! He was the realest nigga on that show! Imma have to start a petition cause they will NOT leave him out in season 3. I seriously teared up. It took a lot in me to finish it off because I wanted to quit right there. I just have so many mixed emotions right now maybe I should’ve waited a day or two to write this blog. I can’t even talk about the scene with Nate and his dad or Cassie and Maddy’s fight. I’m just too upset.

Let me know your thoughts! Maybe someone can give me some understanding on the situation.

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