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Hennessy and Drama

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

For most of my life (if not all) I have had mostly male friends. I mean females are cool but I was probably a dike in my past life so it’s all starting to make sense. Thankfully, I have never had an issue with a male friend’s girlfriend/wife. I guess it’s obvious that I’m there for friendship purposes only (plus I know my friends and they ain’t shit so no thank you).

Anywho, I have a male friend who has a girlfriend and a female friend who has a boyfriend and my female friend knows my male friend’s girlfriend... Let me try and break it down. Let’s call my male friend Chance and my female friend Julie.

Despite the obvious of Julie being cool with Chance’s girlfriend, the two of them decided to fuck around. Now this has been happening for a few months and I try to mind my business but sometimes I’m caught in the middle and I have to skedaddle cause girl.. I’m single who the fuck wanna deal with other people’s relationship drama right? Exactly!

So, Chance decides to get everyone outside for drinks one day after work. Now when we drink, unfortunately, we DRINK! So Chance and Jules are doing whatever and Jules tells Chance to take her home because she didn’t drive. In my mind, I’m like that’s risky but ok sis. For some odd reason, Jules didn't get notified of her text messages and I didn’t think much of it but throughout the night I notice her phone going off. Still minding my business.

When it comes time to leave everyone is walking to their car and I see a black sedan slowly creeping up. In my mind I’m thinking it’s a drive by cause a bitch be paranoid and you know “my enemies” or whatever but now we‘re all looking and Jules turns around and says “omg that’s my man”. So I’m like ”bitch what you mean your man” so now I’m confused and so is Chance and everyone else. This dude hops out the car looking like a straight off the boat menace to society and I‘m not sure if I should laugh or walk away but I wanted to see what was about to happen.

So, Mr Papi Shampoo walks up to Jules and Chance like “so this the nigga you fucking?!?” So in my mind I’m like “whaaaa ya fucking? no one told me this” but I remained focus. So Chance goes “first of all my…” then I hear Jules yell “nooo stop”. These two start going at it and I’m like ohh shit.

So, while the other guys break it off to avoid any unwanted attention (aka cops coming) cause that’s too hot I’m just like bruh this dude is really fighting with loafers on lmfao.

So, as the fight went on for a little longer it eventually stopped and Papi got in his car and drove off like a manic filled with rage, Jules was upset and Chance was yelling and paranoid that his girlfriend was going to find out.

I stood there as I sipped from the Hennessy bottle I snuck out from the spot (we paid so I’m not leaving it there, the fuck?) and was just like wow, y’all really tripping out here. But I can’t judge cause I would’ve pulled a Papi too and fuck them both up but that’s just me.

Moral of the story ladies,

Watch ya shit! These niggas getting into iClouds and reading errrthang. Sign out the iMac, iPad, iWatch, iiiiiiEverything. Delete! Delete! Delete!

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1 Comment

Feb 15, 2022

😂 Mr. Papi Shampoo tho

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