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I Guess This is Part II

I’m going down a very dangerous path. So this past weekend I went to LA on a girls trip. Had so much fun we were turnt tf up as soon as we got off the flight. That Sunday, we went to a private pool party and all I can say is WOW. This guy’s home was GORGEOUS. The nigga had 2 pools and a jacuzzi so it was that type of time. There were all types of alcohol, finger foods, fruits, dips, desserts, the DJ was on point, just know it was lit. It’s like 2 o’clock I’m fucked up atp so I start texting my little hood nigga like I miss you, I want that dick etc.. He’s matching my energy talking real saucy like “I’m not pulling out next time … that pussy too good” etc etc shit deadass making me blush (I need help). Now earlier that day, a No Caller ID called me and I made a joke to my girls saying “SUS KEEP HIMMMMM”. Back to me boo loving, the next text I get is “this is *** gf who’s this?” Y’all my heart dropped.

We were never exclusive and in my head I knew it was never gonna be more than what it was. Him and I lived different worlds. But a bitch was still heartbroken. Next thing I know, I’m getting a phone call so I pick it up and it’s “his girlfriend”. “This is *** gf and I just want to know who this is and how long it’s been going on”. I hear the hurt in her voice, mind y’all I’m drunk.. “Woooow gf huh?? Wooooooow. I had no idea… girl fuck him. I’m sorry I’m a little drunk right now but whatever you want to know I’ll tell you. We’ve been talking to each other for couples months, I want to say since April and we had sex a handful of times.” She then goes, “ok just to let you know there’s a few other bitches in his phone not only you”. I’m like “cool thank you for letting me know, take care” and I hang up.

I felt like a fucking loser! Damnnn, I’m a side bitch?? Like what could I do? It’s not like I could pull up on him and it’s not like if I called he’d pick up. So fuck it, I went about my business and partied harder lol He hit me up a few hours later like ain’t shit happen LOL  I told him, “you made up with your girl”? He hits me with the “that hoe ain’t my girl” blah blah blah.

That could’ve very easily been true but again I heard the hurt in her voice. We start arguing he don’t hit me back up. I changed his name to Do Not Respond, deleted the messages, blocked him on social media, it’s whatever. I was in a different state getting ready for party #2.

Monday comes, it’s like 12pm I’m home by this time and he FT me. Y’all I  just changed his name to Do Not Respond less than 24hrs ago! Guess who responded…  and for what cause we argued again and he hung up on me lol Today, we start texting again and I changed his name back.. I plan on seeing him tomorrow and there’s a very high chance I’m gonna fuck him. Ugh I’m disgusted with myself.

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