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Is Squirting Real?

Yes, yes the fuck it is. Let me tell you that this is a very quick story about the first time I experienced the rainfall. So by now if you haven't read my past story “worst sex ever” then you will see that this story shows you that I got my win. 😂Now the man I’m with currently, I have been with damn near forever , in fact he was the one that came and saved me from the worse sex ever guy. Now before I go into my squirt story let me give u a back story on my wonderful man. Sex with him is AMAZING. However I still had never squirted. Is squirting real or is it some magic camera action only made for porn?? This is the question I asked myself over and over again. Now there were many nights I felt it was possible but I was too scared thinking it was pee 🤢 i didn’t want to let go. Until that very night, 😁 yessssss it fucking happened. Ladies I did it. I let my body do it’s thing and take over. I felt the magic as it flowed out, my man smiling from ear to ear, (yeah he did that) 😏. Ladies squirting is real!!! Don’t be afraid to let it go!!

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