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It's the Audacity for Me

Back in college, I was seeing this guy and it never went further because after a few dates he seemed uninterested. It literally went from talking all the time to once in a blue and every time we were supposed to link, he made an excuse. What really did it for me, I was the only one reaching out. So, I stopped hitting him up and we just never saw each other again. It sucked because I really liked him, and we had fun together, but life goes on.

A few years later because of Instagram we ended up talking again. Under normal circumstances, I would’ve left him on read but ya girl was going through a drought… I needed dick and I’ve always wanted to fuck him (may my parents never read this, amen). He was so fucking cute, tall, played ball, and had a big umm feet.

He ended up wanting more from me that I couldn’t give at the time. I had a lot on my plate; two jobs, working on my bachelors, and other personal issues. I unintentionally, began behaving similarly to his behavior back-in-the-day. Our last conversation turned into an argument, and I was all kinds of bitches and hoes (LOL). We gradually went our separate ways. He recently hit me up… the audacity..

Like sir... GO TO HELL. Respectfully.

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