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Lexi's Rant

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I’m trying to get married and have kids. Well, eventually. I’m 20 something years old (a lady shouldn’t tell her age) and I think it’s time I settled down. At least, my mother seems to think so. But on my mama, I just want to live out my hoe phase. Like why is that so wrong? EVERY WOMAN I know experienced some sort of hoe phase except me. Sometimes, I can get myself into “spicy” situations but I never even had a one-night stand or anything hoeish... I’m sick of being in a relationship, just for it to end up with me crying, gaining 15 lbs, and having a mental breakdown. Ya girl is done with all that! (I’m currently going through a fake breakup since according to him we weren’t “technically together”). This summer I’m going all out and I’m gonna have some juicy ass stories to tell lol

For now, I'm gonna finish my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

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