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Lexi's Story Time

Part II

(Full disclosure, due to Chrissy's insistent on making my story detailed the following story is sexually explicit and viewer discretion is advised LOL Enjoy!)

Couple weeks went by, Justin and I were chopping it up and getting to know each other which was cool and all but like umm I wanted him badly! I was over the talking phase and wondering when was he going to make his move. I think he wants me so what’s the problem?? On top of that, my ex (the fucker who cheated and stood me up) was being a nuisance and tried multiple times to guilt trip me back into a relationship. I needed a drink. It was Friday night, my girls and I were going out and ended up in a club in Queens that’s owned by Justin’s uncle (long story short his whole family owns restaurants, lounges, clubs, etc). We were in our own section with bottle service and Justin and a few of his friends joined us. The music was hot, the drinks were getting to my head, tonight was the night! After a couple dances, a few drinks, lots of kissing, flirting and touching, he tells me “we’re leaving”. YES!!!! When we get to his place, I get comfortable on the sofa, he hands me a drink and we start talking… AGAIN. I didn’t come here to talk so I made my move. I start kissing his neck, nibble on his ears, and start unzipping his pants and reaching down when all of sudden he gets up and tells me stop.

“Justin what is it? Do you not want me? Am I not appealing enough?” He snapped back, “Not appealing enough?” He sucked his breath in, “Look at what you’re doing to me” I look down and my my my, he was hard and well endowed. “You don’t know how bad I want you. But I really like you and right now your drunk and you’ve been under a lot of stress.” I started laughing and said, “what a gentleman, you can’t take advantage when I made the decision to fuck you the night we first met it just didn’t turn out that way” I laughed some more, “also I’m not that drunk I’m giving you consent now help me relieve some of this stress”. He was already standing so I start pulling his pants down and wanted to give him head, he stopped me again.. but this time.. “You can take care of me another time, let’s take care of your needs” then he started kissing me and making his way down. As my breaths got heavier, he lifted my dress up, pulled my panties to the side and with that first lick had me moaning and ready to fuck his face. He ripped my panty off (it was my good Victoria secret ones too) then, slid his hand underneath and gripped my ass to position me. With every lick, suck, and nibble had me moving closer and closer to Ecstasy. I grabbed his hair and couldn’t help but move my hips with him. This was the first time I would come in someone’s mouth. I cried out in pleasure as I jumped into complete state of euphoria. He stood up and smiled. Oh that devilish smile of his. As I tried to compose myself, I take my dress off as he took his clothes off (left the heels on for sex appeal). This man was every bit of sexy, from the tattoos invading his body to the way he moved his hair from his face. I’m might have to marry this man. “You ready” he asked. All I could do was nod my head in excitement. I pull him down and start kissing him tasting my own juices, he then grabbed me by the hips and I guided his dick inside me. He let out a “fuck” and in my head I’m like “yeaaaaaa mutha fuckerrrr I do about 100 kegels per day!!” I tilt my head back and move my hips up and down and ride him like my life depended on it. “Fuck I’m about to come again” I moaned. “Don’t come yet” he said and with one swift motion I end up on my back. As his dick moves in and out, I feel his thumb rubbing my clit which sends electric shocks of pleasure up my spine. I’m moaning louder and arch my back, “come for me” he whispered and like a fucking soldier, I listened to my commander and came. Then like gentlemen he is, the came right after.

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