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Lexi's Story Time

My ex was, is, and will probably forever be a nutcase. This story is about him. Before my Malaysian daddy, I dated this guy name Kenny. I'm using his real name cause idgaf he's a narcissistic prick. Anyways, we met through mutual friends and hit it off from day on. He was a smooth talker, funny, and fine. I fell for him quick and hard. Little did I know he was a spawn of satan's.

We didn't technically live together but we pretty much lived together. His shit was at my place. About 7-8 months into dating, I started noticing changes. He went from showing me constant affection and complements to outright teasing. Whenever I wanted to talk about my feelings or something he did, it was always "here we go again". When I wanted to hang out with friends, he would guilt trip me into staying home. There were red flags but I didn't see it or at least I chose not to see it.

We're now a year in and for our anniversary we were supposed to enjoy a night out at a nice restaurant but the mutha fucker stood me up. He apologized, bought me gifts, etc etc and like an idiot I forgave him. Things seemed like they were alright for awhile but again shit wasn't adding up. He started staying at his place a few nights a week, canceling dates, and when we were together he was constantly checking his phone. Chileeee my spider senses was tingling. I just knew he was cheating. When I brought up his behavior and how he'd changed he would flip it on me and tell me I was being crazy.

Welp, I was crazy and decided to hide cameras (that my bestest, greatest, most favorite tech person who will remain anonymous let me borrow) around his apartment. And before you start asking me how did he not notice blah blah blah his place was a fucking mess. Him and his roommates were slobs. After a week, it was time to see what the fuck was going on. I was sick.

The more I watched, the more I felt my heart race, palm sweat, and face felt hot. Every night he stood at his place he a girl over. I knew the girl. We weren't friends but we had mutual friends and we've spoken to each other a few times during functions. Even though I'm from Brooklyn, I don't fight lol But at that moment I was ready to fuck her up, her momma, her granny, the dog, err body. I didn't know how to deal with this. When should I confront him? Should I just pack his shit and block him? I snapped. Threw all his shit in the hallway and chained all the doors. When it was all said and done... I took him back lol

Yea, like an idiot I took him back. He was good at manipulating. He knew what to say, how to say it, and how to win me over. Not to mention the dick was bomb and probably the real reason I took him back. It was thick and just a tad bit curved so when I positioned myself on top lawddd I could make myself cum in 5 mins. A month after taking him back he cheated again, same bitch too. Fuck boy.

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