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Lexi's Story Time

I may have fucked up. Just a little bit.

I met Choochi (using nicknames for anonymity) at a convention in Florida back in 2018. We were the only POC there and once I found out she was from NY we hit it off instantly. I love meeting career women from the city cause we just know how to work hard and play harder. And she was a Dominican from the Heights so she knew how to play. We’ve been friends ever since. I’ve been over to her family functions a couple times, and I have the biggest crush on her dad. He's a fucking DILF. He’s about 5’10, creamy brown skin, fit, got that salt and pepper beard, voice smooth like butter… I just want to ride his face. I never made a move or did anything disrespectful, but it didn’t hurt to dress sexy around him.

They were throwing him 45th bday party at Choochi’s house so I was invited. I decided to keep it casual and wore jeans and a white tee (no bra), threw my hair in messy bun and called it a night. Like I said before, Choochi knows how to party. There was nothing but Presidente, Henny, Patron, Jell-O shots, and water. We were all getting twisted, playing card games, listening to Spanish music, and I don’t even like Spanish music like that but it was a vibe. By this point, I’m drunk and ready to make a bad decision. Mr. Papi goes out back to smoke a cigarette and I follow right behind him lol.

“So how’re you liking the party?” I stood there smiling a little devilish. He responded “I’m getting drunk, I have my family and friends here, what more could I ask for? So where’s my gift?” I started laughing wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Deep and hard with a little tongue action. He pulls back and laughs, “what a gift but mami c’mon, your my daughter’s friend and you’re drunk. Let’s go inside.” I replied, “Not yet. I’m a little drunk but I wanted to do this for a long time” I kiss him again. His hands slides up my shirt, I let out a little moan and he stopped. “Listen not now. Let’s go inside we’ve been out here to long.” I pout my lips and say ok. He kisses me on the cheek and we go inside.

I want him so bad. But what about Choochi?

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