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Marie Kondo in this Bitch!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

This morning I opened my linen closet to get a washcloth and a bottle fell and hit my pinky toe. Needless, to say I was annoyed. I decided to fix up the closet and clean up a bit but it still looked a mess. I heard Marie Kondo’s voice in the back of my head, “Does it spark joy?”

Hell no, it sparked hatred, so off to YouTube, I went. (That bottle with the blue label on the second shelf is what changed my life lol)

Yup this was after "cleaning" it up...

After looking on YouTube for some inspiration, I decided to go to a few stores in my area. Now, this is NY… everything is overpriced... I wanted to find good items at the dollar store but the baskets there were honestly bullshit and a little expensive. My partner suggested I ordered from Amazon but fuck that I was motivated to do something now! (If I waited 2 days it wouldn't have gotten done) I found what I was looking for at Marshalls and my local hardware store.

  • The big black baskets were $15 and came with 3

  • The smaller black baskets were $6 and came with 4

  • The medium sized wicker type basket was $15

  • The larger one was $24

  • I added two tension rods for $4 each to pose as shelf if I needed to add more baskets

Overall, this sparked joy in my life and next up will be the bathroom cabinets. Maybe next weekend tho. The linen closest was enough for one day.

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