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Lexi's Story Time

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I was sitting at the bar of one of the hottest restaurants in the city, wearing my best "fuck me" dress, and this nigga stood me up. That is what I get for taking that mutha fucker back for the third time. I bet he's out with that other bitch yet AGAIN. It's cool tho. I'm going to get drunk, then go home and toss his shit cause I'm done. I should've been done a long time ago. "Welp here's to being single" I said downing my fifth glass of wine. "Cheers" I heard a voice from behind. I turned around to see who tf was interrupting my lonely ass toast and lawdddddd...

Ok, so let's stop right here and give y'all a little context. I don't discriminate on the dick BUT I keyword "I" meaning me, as a black women prefer black men. Doesn't mean I wouldn't date outside my race or that I don't find other races attractive. I just love black men and the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I mean, I've dated a Mexican once. It is what it is. Back to this "cheering" stranger! When I tell y'all this man was fine.. WHEW! He was tall, well-groomed, dappered down, tatted and umm Asian. Malaysian to be exact. Took me by surprise cause I've never had an Asian man hit on me (well I did have an Indian guy come on to me once but he was crazy so it doesn't count). You know, he kinda resembles the guy from Crazy Rich Asian just edgier and kinda bad boyish if you get what I mean.

Of course, as I was eye fucking him, that chardonnay was kicking in. "How can I help you?" I smiled. He replied, "No, how can I help you? The name is Justin". His voice was smoother than a bottle of Louis XIII (for my cognac drinkers). "I'm Lexi. Sit.. Can I get you a drink?" (That's my boss bitch move btw) He grinned, "Thank you. But I do want to help you. You looked a little upset earlier and I just want to know how I can keep you smiling. Last time you were here, you were all laughs and giggles with your girls. I enjoyed seeing you like that." I gave a little smirk and said, "Last time I was here? Ohhh so you're stalking me?" (Lawdd that was weak! Forgive me y'all I was a little rusty in the flirting game) He pointed to the bartender to refill my glass and replied, "Not stalking, more like observing. It's hard to miss a beautiful woman such as yourself". The wine already had my cheeks flushed but I could feel myself get hot, "mmm" as I sipped my wine I said seductively, "you're making me blush" (I warming up now!!). He leaned in closer and said "I wonder what else I can make you do".

Yup I'm going to fuck him. That's all I could think of at that point, as the moisture between my legs builds up. So Imma fast forward a little cause we ended up talking for awhile. Lots of flirting and surprisingly a few debates. There was a point I thought he wanted smoke cause you don't tell a Brooklyn native "Jay-Z is overrated". It was getting late, I was getting ready to pay my tab he said "don't worry about it I'll take care of it" now in my head I'm yelling SAY NO MORE! Everything was going soooo good, I just knew I was getting Malaysian dick tonight but the Lord said "aht aht". Someone from the kitchen came out and whispered something to him and he answered, "I'll be right there". I asked, "You work here???" He laughed, "kinda. Shall I get you cab?" I smiled the most devilish smile I could conjure, "To your place?" OOOOOOOOOO he looked at me and licked his lips like some sexy ass Asian LL Cool J. "Not tonight, but soon". We exchanged numbers and he put me in cab. Can women get blue balls? **inserts Kim Kardashian crying meme**

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11 thg 2, 2022

Sis I need a part 2! 👀

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