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One Time For The Birthday Bitch

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

It’s my birthday and I didn’t feel like celebrating. Around 5:30pm my man comes home from work and says “let’s go out”. He was trying to get me out my funk, so I put together a sexy yet comfortable outfit and we headed out the door. “Babe where are we going?” I asked. “Wherever you want” he replied. We let the train take us to Brooklyn, and ended up at a spot called Element.

We sat order some drinks and food while enjoying the atmosphere and music. After about 20 mins, two ladies walked in and were seated at the table next to us. Then, waiters comes out with a bday cake, sparklers, and a banner while playing “One Time for the Birthday Girl”. I was in complete shock. I looked around and everyone was clapping singing along and looking at me.

The ladies next to me said “omg happy birthday girl” I smiled and thank them. That’s when one of the ladies, Stacy, tapped me to show me we had the same nail color and placement. Stacy, makes a joke that caught my man’s attention, “I had her with me last night”. Now, my man is a perv we’re a match made in heaven. I knew what she was referring to but my man looked up with a smirk and said “oh really”?. Stacy didn’t catch on but her friend Michelle did. Michelle leaned over closer to our table and says “so what y’all into”? My man and I looked at each other and smiled. I replied “the same thing u into”.

After some flirting and exchange of numbers, my man finds a hotel not far from the restaurant. I’m getting excited like, “Is this really going down? Am I about to have my first foursome?” It’s 10:30pm and there’s a knock at the door, in comes Stacy and Michelle. Michelle was on 100. My girl came in hot, “you are so pretty. I couldn’t wait to get here and taste that pussy”. My man standing behind me watching, as his dick starts to rise, my pussy starts to throb. Michelle continues and we are loving it. We’re taking off clothes and begin touching each other. It’s about to go down omg I want it to happen soooo bad.

All of sudden, “Michelle, I gotta go” said Stacy. We stopped with disappointment written all over our faces, “Oh no, are you ok? Do you not want to do this”? I asked. Michelle walks over to her friend and says “what’s wrong”? While Stacy never gave us an answer it wasn’t in us to force something on anyone. “It’s cool, if you don’t want to, no pressure” my man said. Michelle looked annoyed and as bad as she wanted to stay she was a good friend and chose to leave with her. My man offered to pay for an Uber to make sure they got to their destination safely. As we walked the girl out Michelle turned around and said, “please call me, I need to taste you, and I want to be fucked so hard by the both of you. I’m sorry about my friend I think it was too much for her”. I replied, “no worries and we will be definitely be in touch”. I was use to being the aggressor in most of our encounters but it was nice having someone take that lead. We closed the door, bae and I got busy. No sense in letting that room go to waste.

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