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Psych Shit

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It’s funny how nurses don’t realize they’ve been through a traumatic event until they tell their stories to family and friends and look at the shocked faces...

I‘ve worked overnight psych, and honestly “most” nights was easy money cause once 11 o’clock hit, LIGHTS OUT! One night, we were understaffed as usual with two nurses and two staff to like 28 patients. I was charge so the other nurse and one staff took their break first, this way there were always two people on the floor. It was around 2am the other staff step off the unit to use the bathroom…………. There was one patient who was fucking annoying and would always bug the nurses for shit. He’s been on the unit for weeks and honestly, didn’t need to be there. He had no psychiatric history, no signs/symptoms of mental illness, BUT he needed a place to stay. The backstory, he was kicked out his mom’s house for not wanting to help pay the rent at his big ol’ age so he went to the ED and told the staff there he was going to kill himself which are the magical words to get you admitted to psych. Anyways, I’m behind the nurse’s station finishing my notes and he comes out of his room asking for juice and snacks. I gave it to him, and he sits right in front of nurse’s station staring at me. “Hey so-so, did you need anything else? If not, try and get some sleep”. He responds with an attitude, “when I’m ready”. I’m already on 10 cause SIR what’s with the sass?? I don’t say anything, I check the halls and go back to typing.

Aggressively, he asks, “Ayo Ms you gotta man?” I reply, “I don’t like how you’re talking to me right now. If you want to sit there all night that’s fine, but we’re not having a discussion until you can show me the same respect I’m showing you.” He starts going off like “SMD” blah blah blah he goes back to his room. I’m sitting there like where tf is my staff member. About 10 minutes later the patient comes back out with a sheet and sits right in front of the nurse’s station staring me. I’m not paying attention this time but after a couple minutes I notice him moving his hands…

This mother fucker whipped out his dick and was staring at me while beating his meat. I was disgusted! But what the fuck was I gonna do? I was the only person on the floor. I’m 5’1 ½, weighing 130 lbs at the time (crying emoji), this mfer was 6’2 and even though he was skinny enough for me to feel like I can take him down if need be, he was still a man. I felt stuck. I was new to the job and even newer to being charge. So, I just let him finish. Once he was done, he wiped himself off with the blanket and threw it in the trash. He came up to me like “Ms I’m sorry for earlier” I didn’t even look at him “Get away from the nurses station right now”. He sucks his teeth, gets upset and finally goes to his room for the rest of the night.

When my staff member finally comes back we get into argument and I lit his ass up but that’s another story.

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