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The Ads Aren't Adding Up

I’m an old man when it comes to gaming apps. I have rummy, solitaire, zen match, crossword and some more shit like that. I’m also cheap, I refuse to pay for ad free games, coins, lives, etc. In turn, I must suffer watching the ads. If you play free games, have y’all seen some of the ads that come on? Judging by my blogs, I’m not shy when it comes to sex but there are certain times, I don’t think sex should be involved like church, kid plays, and when I’m playing a fucking card game.

This is a two for one combo. Both equally concerning. I like a little lesbian action but why and how is this an ad? Do children see this?

Next up, we have a Kylie Jenner look-a-like and its really fucking weird. Like really fucking weird.

I hate this one the most. It’s like low key stereotypical and sexist. You have the “ugly” wife who finds out her husband is cheating and ends up leaving her. *Rolls fucking eyes*

This one just makes me cringe. Like why? Just why? The nail crack made me close my eyes. Also I downloaded the game its not like this. Did Billie Ellish approve this?

Here’s another “ugly” wife add but this time she needs to lose weight to get him back. *ROLLS EYES DRAMATICALLY*

Stupidity. Cringe-worthy. Annoying. WTF.

This one takes the cake. “Which family is poor? Who’s getting an abortion?” How fucking insensitive can they be. It’s straight up rude.

First off, the guy is an abusive dick. Nothing cool about this. However, her facial expression… like bitch fuck is wrong with you!?

Khaleesi Lee sent me this one... so apparently blowing a hairdryer up your ass makes you lose weight.. Here I was trying to diet..

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