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Glitch In The Matrix

Updated: Feb 14

Shit is about to get creepy… what I’m about to tell you is a true story… bible.

It 6:05am, I’m on the D train on my way to work. I’m like 5 or 6 stops away when I decide to put my AirPods on and listen to music. As I put the R earbud in, a man walks up to me asking for change for food. I tell him I don’t have cash but I gave him something from my lunch bag. He gets off at Fordham Rd and I’m getting my stuff ready cause the next stop is me.

I felt lightheaded and for split second I thought I was gonna faint. Next thing I know I’m getting ready to put the R earbud in my ear and a man walks up to me asking for change for food…. bruh….

I look at him, it’s not quite the same man something was different but it was the same scenario. Almost like I went back in time. I just looked at him and my heart dropped. I looked around the cart to see if I was the only one losing it and I was. Everyone else was either asleep or on their phone.

I felt my palms get sweaty and I literally start zoning out until the man ask again “aye miss can I get a quarter something”. I snap out of it and tell him FOR THE SECOND TIME I don’t have any change but I gave him something from my lunch bag. I watched him get off Fordham and I stand up almost losing my balance cause I’m scared like really scared.

The next stop is here I get my stuff and I dipped. I was really panicking. It’s been months and I’m still trippy over it. Are we living in a simulation?? Am I even real?? Maybe I need to go to church. All I know is that, I'm not ready for Morpheus to pop up on me.

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