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Timeline Jump or Nah?

Yayyyy! Guys, I got my first story submission from instagram. It's time to celebrate!!!!

"Hey I just read your glitch in the matrix post and I have to say spooked me. I'm not a religious or spiritual person but something happened to me that I can't explain and maybe it's similar to what happened to you. I know I'm going to sound crazy but I keep feeling like I'm living another person's life. I'm a 35 yr old married women living in Portland. I own a small cafe with my wife, we live comfortably with our two cats, and overall I love my life. The problem is this wasn't my life before 2020. For example, I was never married and I never lived in Portland. It's like I went to sleep one day and woke up in another timeline. The scary part is the more time passes the more vague my memories of my past life become. Like I remember my mother dying of breast cancer when I was a teen and when she called me during the lockdown you can't imagine how shocked I was. I cried for two days straight. I remember being closeted about my sexuality. I remember hating animals now here I am with two fucking cats. As grateful as I am to this new opportunity and wonderful life I can't help but feel like it's a dream and one day I'm gonna wake up. Sometimes I'm really scared to go to sleep cause I'll wake up back to my old life. I wonder if we really do live in a simulation and whoever is controlling us, somehow fucked with my timeline."

This kind of thing spooks me too girl because what I experienced on the train was very real... We're living in a computer and honestly I'm not trying to learn anything else. Maybe you jumped timelines maybe we're both crazy. #ignoranceisbliss

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